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2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoorswomen

It’s time to start holiday shopping! If you’re lucky, you have a female hunter in your life to buy something for. Here are some of my top picks from Foundry Outdoors this year... not on item of pink camo to be found on this list!

Laser Rangefinder

I’ve used my Halo laser rangefinder for three hunting/archery practice seasons and haven’t yet had to change the battery. It’s lightweight and packable, and fits in the front pocket of my bino harness. In addition to flat surface distance readings, this rangefinder can also compensate for angles which is important for archery shots. As far as laser rangefinders go, this one is a good price for a quality product.



Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks

Mobile hunting is all the rage right now, and there are plenty of great reasons why. I’ve had great luck with my Hawk Helium sticks for public land deer hunting. The three-pack sticks are 30 inches long, which makes them slightly less packable than the four-pack 20” sticks, which is something to consider when carrying them in a pack for long distances. Regardless of which size sticks you choose, I’ve had good luck with my Hawk Helium’s being lightweight, safe and quiet.



EZ Hanger

My EZ Hanger is a must-have for bowhunting. It folds multiple directions so you can hang plenty of gear off of it, and move it out of the way for better access to your bow or gear. It takes a little bit of elbow grease to get the threads started, depending on how hard the tree bark is, but once it’s started it bites into the tree easily and there’s little risk of it falling or being flimsy.



Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Every shooter needs hearing protection. But not all hearing protection is created equal. The Walker XCEL earmuffs allow the user to hear ambient noise and voices, while protecting the ears from damaging gunshot noise. Not to mention they come Bluetooth-enabled!



Cell Cam

Personally, I love the excitement of pulling a trail camera SD card and going through photos. But like any new technology, there’s a time and a place for cell cameras, as well. Spartan is a reputable brand that makes quality cell cams for a wide array of uses, hunting being one of them.



Heated Sleeping Bag

The possibilities are endless for uses of a heated sleeping bag. A luxurious blanket for cold days in a deer blind, ice fishing, nighttime winter predator hunting, or just winter car-camping. The biggest downside to it is having to get out and brave the real elements. The battery for the Coleman OneSource heated sleeping bag uses a USB port, so you can charge it in the car.


Happy shopping!

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