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Fly Fishing for Pike | A How-To Guide

Fly fishing for pike is an absolute blast. Pike are aggressive and aren't at all shy when it comes to eating a big fly. In this post, we will take a look at how to catch pike on the fly, as well as the gear needed to do so. 

Fly Fishing Gear for Pike

In order to catch pike on the fly, you need to have to proper rod and reel setup, terminal tackle, and flies. Let's look at exactly what is needed. 

Fly Fishing Rods 

The weight of a rod for fly fishing can vary slightly, and this variation boils down to the average size of the fish in the waters where you fish. Many regions have fish that average in the mid-20-inch to 30-inch range, and for this size of fish an 8-weight rod is perfect. 

8-weight rods also work great for bass, so this rod is versatile when it comes to fishing for a few different species. 

If you fish water that has trophy-sized pike, and fish in the upper-30s to 40-inch range aren't uncommon, I would suggest using a 10-11 weight rod. I use the same fly rod for muskies as I do for big pike. 

Fly Reels

Fly Reels come at a wide array of price points, so my advice would be to get the best reel you can afford, it's that simple. 

In my opinion, you can go a little on the cheap side with fly reels. Compared to conventional reels like spinning or bait casting reels for pike or musky that cost hundreds of dollars, you can get a decent fly reel that will last for years for 150 dollars or less.

Fly Lines and Leaders

Using the correct fly line and leader is just as crucial as the rod you choose. 

The main fly line should match your rod weight, and most anglers choose a floating line for pike fishing.

In most cases, you will want to use a #20 tapered leader that is at least 7.5 feet, and there are great options out there for pre-tied pike leaders. 

To protect against the sharp teeth of a wily pike, you will want to choose between tie-able stainless steel wire or 60-pound fluorocarbon. 

Flies, Flies, Flies

There are tons of streamers out there for pike fishing, and my personal favorite is the murdich minnow, which also works well for bass, especially smallmouth bass in rivers. 

Other streamers like the legendary game changer fly and various flies popular among the musky crowd will also seal the deal on a big pike. 

Where to Find Pike? 

Running these big streamers around edges where deep water and vegetation meet is a prime location for big pike, along with mid-lake humps and points. 

River stretches that feature cattail edges, grass flats, and banks lined with timber are also prime pike fishing spots. 

Final Thoughts 

Fly fishing for pike is a blast, and your days on the water chasing the water wolf can be action-packed. Fly fishing for pike is also a great way to practice your fly casting skills for other species like trout.  




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