Dosh - Blade Phantom DW13005 Wallet

Dosh - Blade Phantom DW13005 Wallet

Brand: Dosh
$ 38.95
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The DOSH Blade is designed for the guy with a super streamlined lifestyle. DOSH wallet’s patented designs are molded in Desmopan®, a highly durable, water-resistance polymer material with a luxurious soft feel. Handcrafted from high grade stainless steel, the money clip can be easily accessed ensuring no disorganization or a fumbling first date fiasco.* 2 card slot capacity* Handcrafted stainless steel money clip* Best for USD | AUD | KRW* Compact streamline shape* Water resistant Desmopan® material* Super durable and hard wearing* Comes in pod style packaging* 100% recyclable material* Made in AustraliaDimensions: 113 x 74 x 9 mmMaterials: TPU, PP, Stainless Steel

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