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Choosing the Best Thumb Release: Stan vs TRU Ball vs Carter Releases

When archery shooting it is important to feel comfortable with your equipment. The less you have to worry about your equipment, the better when it comes time to let the arrow fly. One of the primary pieces of equipment in archery is the release. Having a release that fits your style of shooting can be paramount in your success on the range. There are many different releases on the market, we will look in depth at three release brands - Stan, TRU Ball, and Carter - and primarily we will be looking at thumb releases. Each release has unique characteristics that we will define to help you make an informed decision on which will be most suitable for you. Within each brand there are a variety of options, so choosing the best thumb release may require you to try out several types in order to find the one that fits your shooting style best.



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Stan thumb releases have been around for quite some time and are a go-to for many archers. What makes Stan releases special is the triggerless back tension functionality. A back tension release is designed to release the bowstring when tension from the archer’s arm and or back muscles are applied to the release. Unlike pulling a trigger the back tension release operates with the rotation of your hand. To use a back tension release you will hook the release onto the D-Loop and use your back muscles to draw the string back, at full draw you will continue to pull until the shot goes off. Back tension releases are ideal for beginners or archers wanting to develop the muscles needed for a consistent shot.




Though Stan offers a variety of thumb releases, the back tension release is what put Stan releases on the map. Stan offers a variety of features in their releases such as the trainer lock, a neat patent pending innovation that allows for easy and safe training. One can learn the proper shooting technique before ever shooting an arrow. Stan also came out with a multi-position thumb trigger release in 2007 that allows users to move the trigger to fit any position. The tile, projection, and angle of the trigger are all adjustable making the Stan releases a perfect option for beginners and seasoned pros.


TRU Ball 

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TRU Ball releases are also a popular brand among archers today. TRU Balls have a very fine trigger, making for a quick shot. There is less drag, so if you’re an archer who likes to find the target and shoot immediately the TRU Ball might be a good fit. TRU Ball also offers a unique T-Handle hook release; this release is neat because it offers a thumb release for hunters. Many thumb releases are used in shooting competitions or other forms of archery shooting; but many hunters still use wrist strap releases for the ease of being able to strap it on and not worry about it coming off.

With TRU Ball’s T-Handle hook release, hunters can simply hook the release onto the D-Loop and know that it will be there when the time comes to make the shot. This is a very practical release for hunters who are using their hands a lot whether it be using self-climbing stands or rattling and calling the TRU Ball release frees the hunter’s hands up, and it does so at a reasonable price. TRU Ball also offers trigger positioning so archers and hunters can adjust to what feels best as well as the tension on the trigger itself, allowing for a hair trigger shot if desired.


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Carter releases perhaps have the most variety of options available for archers. They are a staple in the release market. Carter also offers a major variety of handles as well as 3 finger and 4 finger options. Jerry Carter the founder of Carter Enterprises believes in design, and it is the mission of Carter Enterprises to offer a release that simply feels good in anyone’s hand. There are so many options it can be somewhat difficult trying to pick out the right one. Rest assured if you choose any Carter release it will be well made, dependable, and long lasting. Carter is a high quality release, and you will pay for what you get. So if design and product quality is important to you, Carter may be the best option.

Each brand offers unique features and benefits, but saying one is better then the other would be impossible. All three are great releases and it is ultimately up to you to decide which one feels best in your hand. I would suggest comparing each one at a target range so that you can adequately compare the performance you are getting out of each release. Happy Release Hunting!

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