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Top 5 States for Pheasant Hunting in the USA

ring-necked pheasant standing in a prairie

Pheasant season is here! Pheasant hunting is an awesome way to get outside and stay active while hunting in the fall, and is a great mental break from the grind of long days sitting in a tree during the whitetail rut. While the ring-necked pheasant is a non-native species, there are many states with extensive pheasant rearing and stocking programs where they periodically release pen-raised birds onto state game lands for hunting opportunity. Other states have the breadth of habitat for wild birds to persist season to season, and breeding populations exist. 

There is also the opportunity to hunt planted birds at hunting preserves where you purchase birds that are then planted out in the open for you to pursue. Whatever style of pheasant hunting you prefer, there are many opportunities throughout the Midwest! Here are our top 5 states with dynamite pheasant hunting. 

  1. Minnesota:

Known for its beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife, Minnesota is a fantastic destination for pheasant hunters. The state's habitat restoration projects and wildlife management has contributed to a robust pheasant population. With a mix of public hunting lands and private preserves, hunters can explore a variety of terrains, from grasslands to wetlands. Minnesota's strong hunting community and beautiful scenery make it a top choice for those seeking an unforgettable pheasant hunting adventure.

  1. Nebraska:

Nebraska's mix of agricultural lands and native grasslands creates an ideal environment for pheasants to thrive. The state's focus on habitat restoration and conservation efforts has led to a significant increase in pheasant numbers. Nebraska's public hunting areas, along with guided hunts offered by outfitters, provide options for hunters of all skill levels. With its welcoming atmosphere and stunning landscapes, Nebraska offers a memorable pheasant hunting experience.


pheasant in grass

  1. Kansas:

Renowned for its open prairies and vast expanses of grasslands, Kansas is a hidden gem for pheasant hunters. The state's commitment to habitat conservation and wildlife management has led to a flourishing pheasant population. With a variety of public hunting areas and private outfitters, Kansas offers a diverse range of hunting experiences. The combination of friendly local communities and bountiful bird numbers makes Kansas a top choice for pheasant enthusiasts.

  1. Iowa:

Iowa's expansive agricultural fields and diverse landscapes make it a haven for pheasant hunters. The state's commitment to habitat preservation and conservation programs has resulted in robust pheasant populations. Iowa's rolling hills and river valleys offer a nice backdrop to your hunting experience, while the state's well-managed public lands and private hunting reserves provide ample opportunities for a successful hunt.

  1. South Dakota:

Known as the "Pheasant Capital of the World," South Dakota consistently ranks as a top destination for pheasant hunters. The state's diverse landscape, from grasslands to crop fields, provides ideal habitats for pheasants to thrive. The annual pheasant season draws hunters from across the nation, with vast public lands and numerous outfitters catering to both beginners and seasoned hunters. South Dakota's commitment to conservation ensures sustainable pheasant populations, making it a must-visit for any avid bird hunter.



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