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List of Best Gear to Bring to the Shooting Range

When you are dealing with firearms it is always best to be prepared. There is nothing worse than walking through those doors to the range and remembering a crucial piece of gear that you left at home. When you are headed out to the range, it is important that you remember to bring the correct gear. So what gear do you need to be prepared? Here we have compiled a complete list that will prepare you for any situation at the shooting range.

Range Bag

Of course, before you start to gather a heap of gear to bring with you, you need somewhere to put it all. When you are picking out a range bag, you want to get something that is made from a strong material and is plenty big enough. You are more than likely going to be putting this bag through hell so you need something that is not so cheap that will break, but there is also no reason to break the bank on a range bag.

Eyes and Ears

The most important gear you can bring to the range is your personal protective equipment. You should always have a pair or two of range glasses. Between the gunpowder, brass, and who knows what else, your eyes need to stay protected so that you can keep shooting. If it is a sunny outdoor range, consider some cheap sunglasses instead.

Many shooting ranges have ear muffs that you can rent for the day, although those can frequently be pretty low quality. If you are going to make going to the shooting range a habit, it is best to invest in your own muffs and possibly molded earplugs. Personally, I wear both; more protection is better. 

Tools for Adjustments

You should always have the required tools you need to work on whatever firearms you are using. I suggest at the bare minimum that you bring a set of screwdrivers and Allen wrenches. This way you can adjust scopes and do any other basic work on your firearms that may be necessary on the fly.


It also probably a good idea to have something to shoot at. A pack of targets is cheap and essential to the range. You should also bring a roll of duct tape. The duct tape is good for hanging up targets, covering up bullet holes, and many other things.

First Aid Kit

Another critical piece of gear to have is a first aid kit, more specifically, a trauma kit. When working with firearms, we always use safe practices, but accidents can happen, and when they do it is best to be prepared. You should get a kit that has a tourniquet, gauze, and a chest seal. 

Empty Chamber Indicator

On the same topic of safety, an empty chamber indicator keeps you and everyone else safe at the range. After the shooting stops, just simply slide a flag thought the action to indicate that the chamber is empty and it is safe to walk around the firearm.

Ammo Can

To shoot at the shooting range, you have to have something to shoot! Your ammo can easily get mixed up and disorganized if you just throw it in your range bag. Instead, consider bringing an ammo can where you can neatly stack and organize your ammo.

Magazine loader

If you only have four or five mags and you plan on shooting a lot, you should expect to spend some time reloading, and having a sore thumb the next day. Instead, bring a mag loader! You will be able to reload much faster and much easier, meaning you get to start shooting sooner.

Shooting Bags

It is important to have a sturdy base for your rifle when you are at the range, especially if you are sighting in a scope. Many shooters will use shooting bags or some other type of rest. There are a ton of great shooting tables and rests you could choose from, but I recommend shooting bags here because they are easy to move around and can be used at nearly all shooting ranges. Whereas there may not be room for a shooting table at your particular range.

Range Finder

Another important thing to know when you are shooting is how far you are shooting. Most shooting ranges have their ranges marked with the distance every so often, but if you want to know specifically, or if your range does not mark the distance, you should bring a range finder. Depending on how far you normally shoot will determine how beefy of a range finder you need. We have a great guide to picking out the best ranger finder for you here.

If you are shooting long distances, and you have a buddy with you, you may also want to bring a spotting scope. Spotting scopes are much bigger than your rifle scope so they can see much better. Plus your spotter will be able to give you good feedback on how you are shooting with their increased visibility.

Small Cleaning Kit

A small cleaning kit can come in handy in a pinch. Most of the time the bare essentials will do at the range, you may even want to bring a bottle of gun oil with you as well. You never know when something is going to require maintenance, so one of these kits can save you from having to make a trip back home.

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