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Underwood Ammo .357Sig 65Gr. Xtreme Defender 20-Pack 855

Underwood Ammo .357Sig 65Gr. Xtreme Defender 20-Pack 855 Caliber .357 Sigarms Bullet Type Copper Solid Bullet Weight In Grains 65 Grains Cartridges Per Box 20...

Underwood Ammo .357Sig 65Gr. Xtreme Defender 20-Pack 855 Caliber .357 Sigarms Bullet Type Copper Solid...

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The .357 SIG is an excellent defensive cartridge, created in 1994 with the goal of recreating .357 Magnum ballistics in a format more suitable for autoloading handguns. 

The .357 SIG ammo is an exceptionally effective round. It’s accurate, powerful, and easy to shoot – with a bullet that has a high velocity and an unusually flat trajectory for a semi-automatic ammunition. Because of this trajectory, it’s accurate at an extended range, especially when compared to similar sized firearms chambered to other calibers.

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